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3 Tiers hamster cage with deep glass bottom, dish, hut, 60 x 40 x 57cm

3 Tiers hamster cage with deep glass bottom, dish, hut, 60 x 40 x 57cm

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  • Three tiers: A spacious hamster cage, featuring a running wheel, ramps and a hut. The ideal space for pets to roam, play, exercise, rest and nap.
  • Easy access: A door at the top and another at the front - it's easy to get in and clean this large hamster cage for syrian hamster.
  • Secure and ventilated: The KT shock-absorbing board is soft yet sturdy, cushioning their paws as they roam around this hamster cage.
  • The tempered glass base is easy to clean, while footpads ensure balance.
  • The cage's spaced wiring promotes airflow, keeping hamsters cool and cosy.
  • It's a safe and tidy home for pets.
  • Food bowl and water bottle: Pets will be properly fed and hydrated, keeping them happy and content.
  • Dimensions: 57H x 60L x 40Wcm.
  • Suitable for Syrian hamsters, dwarf hamster, gerbils and other small pets.
  • Assembly required.

This PawHut hamster cage for dwarf hamster provides a spacious, multi-level home for pets, with an included running wheel and ramps for exercise and play. A private, cosy hut offers a place to relax, whilst an accessible food bowl and water bottle keep them fed and hydrated. The tempered glass base with footpads ensures safety and security, whilst the spaced wiring promotes airflow, keeping them cool and cosy. Invest in your pets' comfort and happiness by treating the to the ideal living space.

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