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PawHut 114cm Cat tree for indoor cats with scratching posts, cat house, bed

PawHut 114cm Cat tree for indoor cats with scratching posts, cat house, bed

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A dream spot for cats to love - this PawHut cat tree. Imagine a place for pets to run, play, jump and scratch indoors - and your furniture and curtains don't get ruined. Multiple levels and scratching posts keep them active and healthy, whilst the top perch provides a cosy spot for relaxing and observing. They even have a private cat house to hide away in, so they feel safe and secure. Keep your furniture intact, whilst fulfilling their instincts with this practical and delightful choice.

  • Includes a cat house, cat bed, a perch, a tickle column and two scratching posts for endless fun and activities
  • Covered with soft plush upholstery, keeping this cat tree soft and cosy
  • Particle board frame with a flat base ensures balance and steadiness
  • Wrapped with natural sisal rope, they'll dig and shed their claws to keep them healthy, deterring them from using your furniture
  • A stylish appearance that blends seamlessly in your home
  • Suitable for cats up to 5kg
  • Assembly required
  • Colour: Oak tone and cream
  • Material: Particle board, plush (100% polyester), sisal and PP cotton
  • Overall dimensions: 114H x 59.5L x 39.5Wcm. Cat house: 30H x 33L x 33Dcm. Cat holes: 19H x 18Wcm. Overall cat bed: 7H x 38L x 38Wcm. Inside cat bed: 7H x 26L x 26Wcm. Scratching posts: Cylinder: ?7.9cm. Square column: 15.5L x 9.5Wcm. Base: 59.5L x 39.5Wcm
  • Qualification: BS5852, EN717-1
  • Item label: D30-754V70AK

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