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PawHut wooden tortoise house, with adjustable lamp holder - Grey

PawHut wooden tortoise house, with adjustable lamp holder - Grey

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  • A built-in hide box and basking area
  • With an adjustable lamp holder, you can add a heating lamp to get the right temperature
  • Two openable lids, you can access your pets easily. Locks included to keep them securely inside when needed
  • Double plastic trays for collecting litter, making cleaning simple
  • Mesh wire for air circulation while enjoying the sunlight
  • Acrylic windows for observing the life of pets
  • Wooden structure, water-resistant paint treatment
  • Assembly required
  • Colour: Grey and white
  • Material: Fir wood, steel and acrylic
  • Overall dimensions: 31.5H x 81L x 48Wcm. Main house: 28H x 30L x 44Wcm. Area: 0.13 m. Run cage: 28H x 44.5L x 44Wcm. Area: 0.19 m. Inside door: 22.5H x 16Wcm. Plastic tray: 46.5W x 43.5Dcm and 32W x 43.5Dcm. Lamp holder: 80-100H x 36-56Wcm
  • Item label: D40-033V00GY

Introducing the PawHut two-room tortoise house - a wonderful habitat for reptiles. With a roomy living space and an expansive run area, it's great for roaming and basking. Achieve the right temperature with the adjustable lamp holder. Cleaning is a breeze, thanks to the double pull-out tray and openable lids, simplifying pet care. Elevate your pet's lifestyle with this delightful home, designed to foster their well-being, allowing them to thrive.

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