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PawHut turtle tank for turtles, terrapin, small reptiles - White

PawHut turtle tank for turtles, terrapin, small reptiles - White

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  • Ultra-clean water with a three-layer filtration system, keeping their space fresh and hygienic
  • Pump and pipe circulate the water to mimic natural streams and rivers
  • The tall sides keep pets safely inside the tank
  • Includes an area for feeding, basking, climbing, diving, swimming and hatching
  • Bottom has drainage holes for convenience
  • Assembly required
  • Colour: White
  • Material: Polypropylene and PC
  • Dimensions: 23H x 62L x 31Wcm. Diving and swimming area: 28L x 35W x 4Dcm. Climbing area: 16Lcm. Feeding and basking area: 26L x 10.5Wcm. Green (hatching) area: 26L x 14Wcm. Bottom layer: 9.5H x 62L x 31.5Wcm. Side panel: 13Hcm
  • Suitable for turtles less than 6cm
  • Voltage: AC 120V and 60Hz
  • Item label: D40-032V70WT

Create the perfect reptile haven with our PawHut turtle tank. Its triple filtration system ensures a clean surrounding. The pump and pipe mimic streams and rivers, so they'll feel like they're in their natural habitat. It's a comfortable and spacious cage, where they'll bask, swim and exercise, with tall walls for safety. Transform your turtle's space into a thriving aquatic oasis.

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