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PawHut: Multi-level cat tree with scratching posts and house bed - Green

PawHut: Multi-level cat tree with scratching posts and house bed - Green

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Cats love to play, scratch and nap, and with this PawHut cat tree, they can do it all. Multiple levels for climbing, whilst the scratching posts allow them to dig and sharpen their claws, deterring them from using furniture. When feeling playful, they have a hanging toy ball for fun. Once they're tired, they have a bed, where they can lay and observe, or they can choose privacy and relax in the mini cat house. A simple way to enhance your pet's quality of life, keeping them cosy and content.

  • Multiple levels: A spacious cat activity centre with different spots, where pets can climb, play and rest.
  • Cat house and bed: Covered with teddy fleece fabric, this cat tower keeps your pet comfortable. It includes a bed at the top, where they can lay and observe.
  • For more privacy, they've got an enclosed house to relax in.
  • Sturdy material: Made from particle board, this cat climbing tree is stable and safe for cats to use.
  • Sisal scratching posts: Pets can dig their claws into this cat climbing tower, satisfying their urge to scratch, which deters them from using your furniture.Dimensions: 90H x 49L x 40Wcm.
  • Suitable for cats under 5kg.
  • Assembly required.

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