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PawHut Cat tree with litter box, scratching post, house, hammock - Oak tone

PawHut Cat tree with litter box, scratching post, house, hammock - Oak tone

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Turn a corner of your home into pet paradise, where feline friends can climb, play, jump and relax, with dedicated spots for litter needs. Watch as your cat enjoys clawing at the scratching posts, whilst safely climbing up the different levels, thanks to its tall and stable structure. After adventures, they'll unwind on perches or in their cosy house. You can even turn the litter box into an extra home with a cushion. Make every day special for pets, surrounding them with luxury and comfort.

  • 2 in 1 design, can be used as a litter box and a cat tree
  • The litter box can also be used as an extra cat house - just place a cushion inside
  • Includes a cat litter box, cat house, hammock, platforms, scratching posts, mats and a sunflower scratching board
  • Cute sunflower design is a unique addition to your home
  • Made with sturdy particle board, covered in soft plush for comfort
  • With an anti-slip mat and anti-tip rope, it ensures stability - Suitable for 1-2 cats up to 5kg
  • Assembly required
  • Colour: Green, oak-tone, white and beige
  • Material: Particle board, polyester, loop pile carpet, sisal, steel and spray cotton
  • Overall Dimensions: 176H x 52L x 48Wcm. Overall Cat Litter Box: 42.5H x 52L x 48Wcm. Inside Cat Litter Box: 40H x 49L x 45Wcm. Door: 39.5H x 48.5Wcm. Hole: 20H x 20Wcm. Cat House: 30H x 34W x 40Dcm. Cushion: 3T x 39L x 33Wcm. Platforms: From bottom to top: 34L x 40Wcm, 48L x 37Wcm and 48L x 40Wcm. Mats: From bottom to top: 35L x 26Wcm, 35L x 35Wcm and 46L x 38Wcm. Hammock: 12H x Dia35cm. Sunflower: Dia30cm
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: Cat Litter Box: 10kg. Platforms: 10kg. Hammock: 8kg
  • Item label: D31-083V70AK

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