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PawHut hamster cage with tubes, ramps, platforms, hut, 60 x 40 x 57cm

PawHut hamster cage with tubes, ramps, platforms, hut, 60 x 40 x 57cm

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  • A tubing system with multiple separate straight or curved pipes
  • A running wheel and two ramps for exercise
  • With two platforms and a hut for relaxing, there's a food dish and a water bottle to keep pets fed and hydrated
  • Top and front doors for easy access
  • Bottom KT board is shock absorbent, promoting stability
  • 1cm steel wire doesn't pinch pets
  • Suitable for dwarf hamsters and gerbils
  • Assembly required
  • Colour: Black and transparent
  • Material: Steel and tempered glass
  • Overall dimensions: 57H x 60L x 40cm. Glass base: 23H x 60L x 40Wcm. Main cage: 35H x 58.5L x 38.5Wcm. Door: 13.5H x 19Wcm. Layer: 39L x 18.5Wcm. Ramp: 38L x 12.5Wcm. Exercise wheel: 6.5H x ?16.5cm. Hut: 12H x 12L x 10Wcm. Food dish: 4.5H x ?13cm. Tube diameter: ?5.5cm. Wire spacing: 1cm
  • Water bottle: 100ml
  • Item label: D51-417V00BK

Upgrade your small pet's living space - choose this PawHut hamster cage. Consisting of multiple tiers, it includes tunnels and two ramps for them to get around, providing endless fun and adventure. There's an exercise wheel to keep them active, whilst the hut gives them a place to relax comfortably. Plus, the water bottle and food dish keep them fed and hydrated. Elevate your hamster's well-being with this wonderful habitat and watch them thrive.

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